Facts about YK11

YK11 is one of the useful compounds that help bodybuilders in realizing their ultimate mental and physical potential. Most users find it surprising because it does not have any side effects. Cellular conduces to determine the impact and effectiveness of YK11 shows that this compound helps increase muscle mass. It works by stimulating the growth of the muscle-building protein known as follistatin.


Findings show that it is effective in stimulating body-building proteins that improve bone health. Individuals who have used these compounds can attest to its ability to increase muscle mass and encourage fat loss without causing observable side effects. yk11 is banned by the World Anti-doping Agency, meaning competing athletes and bodybuilders can not use it.

Is It a SARM?

Most people refer to it as an SRAM because they don’t have a better word, which can describe it, but ongoing research proves something different. Some studies show that it has discriminating effects on androgen receptors. In fact, it works by partially activating the androgen receptors. It is, therefore, not clear whether YK11 is a SARM or a myostatin inhibitor.

It’s Benefits

Increasing Muscle Size

Yk11 is known for its effectiveness in stimulating muscle growth. Some people say that it is equally strong as S23. This is attributed to its ability to increase the level of follistatin hormone, which in turn enhances the ability of the body to increase the production of muscle cells. This hormone is are helpful in suppressing myostatin. This is an effect that opens up bodybuilders to the possibility of building more muscles.

Strengthening of Bones

strong bones

Findings show that YK11 binds itself partially to the androgen receptors, an effect that leads to an increase in bone strength. Sex hormones play a significant role in maintaining healthy and strong bones. YK11 is also helpful in increasing the amount of protein kinase B (PKB) found in the body cells. This, in turn, stimulates the growth and development of the bone cells.

Recommend Dosage

Bodybuilders who want to build strong muscles should take about10-25 grams of YK11 daily. This is the dosage that works fine, although some experience its positive effects even after taking 5mg daily. Beginners re advised start with low dosages and then increase their dosage gradually with time.

A cycle of YK11 last for about eight to twelve weeks. Some users have been stacking this product with other types of SARMs. For better results, you can stack it with andarine or Rad-140 while lowering the daily dosage to 5mg.