What Makes a Perfect Picnic Blanket

One thing that should always be kept in your car is a picnic blanket. It is not that you are going to a picnic every day, but with its many possible uses, you sure will be thankful that you have it in your car. When going out of your car on a snowy day without an umbrella, a small picnic basket can keep you from falling snow or rain with the rain-proof side facing out. You can then turn it, wrap it around your body, and keep your body warm.

Indeed, picnic blankets from Heating & Plumbing go beyond their regular use during picnics where we sit on them and many other things we do during a breeze. With its versatility, everyone should have it in their cars or homes.They can be used anytime, anywhere, and on whatever occasion.

When buying a picnic blanket, it helps to consider the following factors.

Water Resistance

A picnic blanket should be waterproof on one side. This is the side placed on the ground to prevent any moisture from getting to the top surface where you are probably sitting. Without it, the picnic blanket is nothing better than a standard blanket in your room. The waterproof coating should be even on all parts of the blanket.


Are you going to buy two small-sized picnic blanket or a large one? You have to consider your usual group size when going out on a picnic outdoors or in your yard. But because picnic blankets are not way too expensive, buying a small-sized and large one can be the better option.


It would be very inconvenient to carry a heavy picnic blanket up the hill where you will picnic. When buying online, the weight should always be specified. There may be no problem when purchasing in a store because you can go for the one that you can comfortably carry,


This will determine how small a picnic blanket can become when folded or rolled. It can add to your convenience when carrying it. You can also pack it in a bigger bag along with some other things you need for the picnic.


For sure, it would be very hard to hand wash a picnic blanket you used in the mountains. Never forget to know if a picnic blanket is machine washable before buying it.


This should never be overlooked. The color, material used, and print on the top surface is an important consideration, too. When taking pictures during a picnic, it will surely have a nice visual effect. You can also use it to temporarily cover your floor when your toddler has painted it with his watercolors with a visitor coming. Smaller picnic blankets can also be used to cover outdoor tables during a party in your homes. When beautifully designed, they can surely add value to your outdoor party.