Regal Community Theatre

24-34 NORTH BRIDGE STREET, BATHGATE, EH48 4PS, 01506 630 085

The Regal Theatre is a community led venue in the heart of Bathgate, Scotland.



Lantern List

14 x Strand Quartet F(Fresnel)(650w)

24 x CCT Minuette FR (Fresnel)18/57 (650w)

 6 x ECT Source 4 Jr 25/50 Zoom(575w)

15 x Strand Quartet 22/40 (650w)

 4 x Strand Coda 500/4 (500w)

 We have 4 lighting bars all of which can fly in, one at the rear of the stage (4 dimmers used for the Coda, mid stage (8 dimmers), front of stage (10 dimmers) and one 4 meters in front of the stage (16 dimmers). There are 3 other static bars for legs.

We have 6 dimmer sockets at floor level.

Limited grelcos and trs.

Our lighting desk is ECT Express.


 Desk – Midas Venice 320– 32 input analogue Desk.

Amp – D and B D12

Speakers – D and B Q7

(additional subs can be hired in when needed)

 Comms – 4 packs




regal stage.pdf
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You have a working space of 6.2m (from the foot of the stage to the back cloth) by 9m (not including wing space), height 5m (this is from the floor to the start of the boarded, 2 – 3m of out of vision clearance beyond the boarder)

1.5 m of wing space on either side (this can be adjusted depending on the position of the boarded.) At the back of the stage there is a void (see pdf), from it's apex to the back cloth there is 3m.

Black box stage.


Doors to the rear of the stage (2.14m high by 127 wide)and at the side of the auditorium (2.07m high by 1.5m wide).