Regal Community Theatre

24-34 NORTH BRIDGE STREET, BATHGATE, EH48 4PS, 01506 630 085

The Regal Theatre is a community led venue in the heart of Bathgate, Scotland.


George Wood – “Transfixed” Comedy Hypnosis show, comes to the Regal Theatre in Bathgate for a night that will have you leaving in stiches! (the good kind)

Forget eating onions, x-ray glasses, forced volunteers and other sterotypically crude and humiliating scenarios of the old!

Think Voodoo Dolls, Rap Battles, Kung Fu Masters, Dance offs, Bilingual Miracles, Freaky Possessions and other mind bendingly impossibilitie feats that no other hypnotist dares to perform!
This is the everyday world for George, where he will bring out talents you never knew you had and have you doing the hilarious and miraculous things you never knew you could!

So come along to be entertained or volunteer to be a star in the show.

You never know, the star of the show could be you!

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