Tuesday, 13.12.2011
Primary 6 and Primary 6/5 pupils from Windyknowe have dedicated this term’s learning to putting on a pantomime for parents and the local community at Bathgate Regal Community Theatre. The pupils are very proud of their achievements: ‘At the start of the term we looked at the different roles within a pantomime and auditioned for our preferred choice. Since then, we have been busy rehearing a mixture of singing, dancing, and acting. We have been really lucky and a professional choreographer has worked with us, encouraging us to put our own ideas into the final dances. Our music specialist within the school has been teaching us to sing in harmony and we have learned the important skill of being able to project our singing voice while dancing at the same time. We have been responsible for the show’s budget and have calculated the total costs for putting on the production. This has included calculating how many hours we need to hire the stage and equipment such as microphones and lighting. Once we calculated the total cost we had to decide how much we should charge per ticket to cover all costs. We have produced our own tickets, posters and programmes for the show and have even written the press release for the theatre’s own website. A small group of us have worked very hard after school with our teacher and the art specialist and we have designed, drawn and painted the scenery. We are extremely proud of our achievements so far and can’t wait until the show.’