Regal Community Theatre

24-34 NORTH BRIDGE STREET, BATHGATE, EH48 4PS, 01506 630 085

The Regal Theatre is a community led venue in the heart of Bathgate, Scotland.


Regal Animation's Mission Statement:

Regal Animation aims to bring interesting characters and worlds to life through world leading animation and visual effects, to aid the Scottish arts and entertainment industries and entertain international audiences of various ages. As part of the Regal Community Theatre, Bathgate Ltd, Regal Animation will encompass all digital media including the website, social media content and marketing in the form of graphics and video productions.


Fraser Murdoch... an award-winning independent filmmaker and visual effects artist, working across Scotland for international clients. Fraser works on several film productions as well as a range of animation projects for clients, including his work for science animation company Vivomotion where he has been a self-employed Head of Animation for the last few years. Fraser has been involved with Vivomotion since its foundation and has brought more than just the commissioned work to the table. Fraser has developed the company's website and digital media to push sales and attend many networking events. It is a post which has brought many finalist positions in competitions and his work exhibited places such as Amsterdam, Paris, Washington DC, Bergen and Vienna. Clients have included the likes of Mars Chocolate.

His first film 'My City' starred the voice over actor Brian Cox, an actor Fraser worked with a few times afterwards.

Fraser works as a visual effects supervisor on many Scottish short films, working on set, compositing and managing teams. Fraser has also worked on televised adverts for visual effects companies in compositing roles.

Fraser got involved with the Regal Theatre after meeting Scott Kyle on the set of Outlander, where Fraser was a standby visual effects supervisor and data wrangler for the production.

Fraser is collaborating with Scott on Fraser's animated drama series Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much, and to support the production Fraser and Scott have set up Regal Animation.

Regal Animation also provides digital media and graphic work for the Regal (including work on this website) as well as the being a production company for Bab. You can find out more about Regal Animation and their benefits to the community here:

Regal Animation currently has six volunteers including Fraser and was set up in June 2016.


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